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These are the most asked questions about float therapy. If you don’t find a question please feel free to contact the wellness center and our staff will be happy to guide you with an answer. Call us today at (615) 470-8500

Just yourself. Towels, showers, soap and shampoo, ear-plugs, etc. for your float will be provided . If you have long hair, you may want to bring a hair tie and comb for after your float.

Since it is a private experience, most people don’t wear any clothing. Anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction. In this regard imagine it as similar to getting into your bathtub.

There is 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in our tank. The solution is so high in saline that no living microorganism can survive in there. After each session, the entire volume of the solution is pumped 5 turnovers through a three-part filtration and sterilization system utilizing Ultra Violet light and Ozone. UV is the safest most effective system available. It maintains the water’s soft, clean and crystal-clear appearance. In addition, all clients are required to shower prior to entering the tank.

The Epsom salt solution is beneficial to the skin and hair. People leave the tank with softer-feeling skin.

It is somewhat impossible to drown in the tank. The water is only about 10″ deep and has a very very high density of salt. This water is buoyant and will support you regardless of your size or weight. If you were to turn over the salt in the water would sting your eyes and wake you. Since you are floating you do not need to know how to swim. Additionally, it’s not dangerous to fall asleep in the tank. We actually encourage it! One hour of sleep in the tank is roughly equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep.

We don’t know what it will be like for you since it is such an individual experience. Nearly every customer reports having profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and creativity. We like to avoid saying too much before people use the tank, so that they aren’t influenced by what someone else says. Not only will it be different for you than it is for anyone else, it will be different each time.

We recommend 60 or 90 minutes for first time floaters. As you become more experienced and aware of the effects, you may find that 60 or 90 minutes are effective. Others may want to float longer.

While you can float every day without harm, we find that the relaxing effects of a one-hour float typically last beyond that day. For best results, we recommend regular sessions, and many clients find that floating once or twice a week provides the most benefits.

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