• Please arrive 15 minutes early for each appointment.
  • Adult sessions begin promptly at the hour. Children sessions every half hour.
  • Once a session begins, the door to the salt room needs to remain closed. No one will be allowed to enter or exit the session unless of an emergency.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the therapy rooms (including sippy cups).
  • Please use the restroom and wash your hands, before your session.
  • Please bring clean socks, or borrow a pair of ours, for your children to wear in the therapy room.  No shoes permitted. Disposable foot covers will be provided for the adults.
  • Electronic are not permitted in any of the therapy rooms.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing.
  • Please out of respect for others do not book an appointment during any contagious illness accompanied by a fever, tuberculosis, under alcohol or drug intoxication.

The adult salt room is a quiet place.  Please be respectful and considerate of others in a group session. The salt room is a clean and delicate environment. We ask that you, please refrain from touching the salt walls.


The children’s salt room is an active place. We encourage playtime and request that children, please keep their inside/church voices at all times. Please keep salt inside the salt box and ask for it not to be thrown. Please, place blocks, puzzles, and books back in original places before leaving a session.