Benefits of
Salt Therapy

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Please Note That:
Salt Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment and diagnosis of any health condition. Salt Therapy is a complementary therapy meant to be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Never change or stop medication without first consulting your doctor.

Salt Therapy Benefits

Years of research, conducted around the world, shows that Salt Therapy/Halotherapy has beneficial effects for:

• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Sinusitis
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Allergies or Hay Fever
• Ear Infections

• Coughs & Congestion
• Supports & Boosts Immune System
• Snoring
• Sleep
• Athletic performance

Beneficial Effects

Salt is also extremely beneficial for the skin and conditions like:

• Acne
• Psoriasis
• Eczema
• Dry & Flaky itching skin
• Overall appearance