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Salt Rooms

We have 3 options to choose from for your salt therapy experience.

Private Salt Room

Our private salt room is another space to Be Still and Breath in the salty air. De-stress and relax as you enjoy soft music and the soothing glow of the surrounding Himalayan salt lamps.

Below are a few of the services we offer in our private salt room: 25-minute lunch break session
30- 45-minute Halomassage
Salt therapy skin care

In order for salt therapy to effectively relieve and support skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, the salty air must come directly in contact with the areas of concern. Our private room provides an environment where more skin can be exposed during a session.

Children’s Room

Our children’s salt room is designed as playroom, with the added bonus of wellness and a breathtaking floor to ceiling underwater-paradise mural. There are books to read, books to color, blocks, puzzles, and the most fun of all is our salt box. Our salt box is filled with the finest Himalayan salt that creates a beach like playing experience. Children ages 12 and under will enjoy a 30-minute salt session immersed in fun activity and wellness therapy. Convenient padded bench seating is provided for the added comfort of parents and guardians.

Adult Salt Room

It offers a stress-free relaxing environment where you can unplug from the world for 45 minutes while you sit back and relax in our 8 extra-large padded zero-gravity chairs. Enjoy the warm subtitle lighting and soft music as you be still and breathe in 100% pure dry salty air provided via our state of the art Halogenerator. The adult salt room also includes the finest pink Himalayan salt on the walls and floor.

Also, available is our Christian Meditation sessions. You get the benefits of deep breaths with salt therapy while you learn about and practice Christian Meditation. Please call for details when we offer our next session.